Quarantine Camps

The Quarantine Camps around Coronago’s outer walls are hellish places that no one would want to live in for any extended period of time. Unfortunately that is exactly what people are doing.

Built of ramshackle huts, tents, and lean-tos, these places are little more than refugee camps. Conditions are awful, and while anyone that shows signs of the plague are quickly moved to the Plague Ruins, healthy people don’t stay that way for very long due to other illnesses running rampant through the camps.

Food and other supplies are lowered on elaborate counter-weight pulley systems from inside the city, keeping the camps at least well stocked. The camps are kept at least a hundred yards from the main roads into town, and the smaller gates that are at the camps are kept shut tight most of the time.

Plague masked caretakers move about the camps on a regular basis, trying to check on those people that have been around the longest. If they manage to survive three weeks in the camps, not fall the through the cracks of the system, and still want to leave the camps, then the people are allowed into the city. This is in theory. In practice, many people stay months in the quarantine camps, denied access due a minor illness or other point by which the caretakers find doubt about their entry.

Justice in the Quarantine Camps is handled by the mob. This is not to say that it is lawless. The camps have organized themselves and able bodied men (and a few women) serve in a makeshift guard force. Unfortunately they are woeful under trained, under equipped, and far too few for the size of the camps.

Aspect – Overcrowded Refugee Camp

Quarantine Camps

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