Matt's Character



Quirky Woodsman from out of town
Driven by voices in his head
Different in the head
Always seems to find the path
Grounded by Companions


Great (+4) – Shooting
Good (+3) – Notice, Survival
Fair (+2) – Stealth, Physique, Athletics
Average (+1) – Will, Fighting, Investigation, Burglary


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Physical OOO
Mental OOO


None Currently


High Concept – Quirky Woodsman from out of town
Trouble – Driven by voices in his head

Aspect – Different in the head
Normal hunter, no real family. Has a near death experience when he nearly drowned saving someones life. Got pulled in by something way too powerful. Something saved him. Ever since then something is different.

Aspect – Always seems to find the path
Bartered furs with Allen’s merchant companions to get passage on a boat on the river to get to Coronago.

Connection 2
Aspect – Grounded by Companions
Thrown in quarantine camp upon arrival. Also in the camp was Read’s character. Somehow the topic of being saved from death by some outside force comes up.

He was formerly a great hunter of mighty beasts. He had it all. Money, fame, and eventually a family. They were all taken from him by his former king.

When he would go to hunt, his king would make strong advances towards his wife. She of course would never tell him out of fear for their child and him. The king had a plan though. He sent him to hunt such a mighty beast as it would surely be his doom.

It would seem this to be true as it was a month before he returned. By then the king had already claimed everything he owned and pronounced him dead. When he did return, the kings men were waiting.

They gave him 2 choices. Let it go or face death and the death of his child. His life as he knew it was over. He wandered the wild for years. No contact whatsoever with civilization other than a friend from home that would rarely seek him out on hunts to give him news of his family.

This eventually ceased as well.

One day he decided that there was no point anymore and readied himself for the afterlife. “Just a few more seconds and I will be ready to leave this world,” he thought. Just then a cry for help came out.

Instinct took over and he found himself running without thought or reason towards this cry. A boy was caught in the river. He ran in without thinking of himself and grabbed the boy. Something was amiss. He couldn’t pull the boy free. Something had a hold of him. He struggled and fought at what seemed like a blur in the water. He felt the boy go free and before he could even feel relief for the boy, it had him.

He struggled and pulled, kicked and screamed. Just minutes earlier he was ready to take his own life and now he was using everything he could muster to break free to live again. It was hopeless. Just before he drew his last breath, he noticed the boy dragging himself to shore and looking back at him.

It was his son.

Then black.

The black turned to light and a voice. A soft woman’s voice.

He couldn’t understand the words but he somehow knew their meaning as if they were his own thoughts. He reached towards what felt like someone. Reality snapped back into place and he jerked violently still being pulled to his doom.

This new reality.
Something different.
A presence of sorts.

He didn’t see it but felt it. The water released him. He was saved by something and he knew it. He could feel it with him. As if it was a part of him. He glanced at his surroundings and behold.

“What is this place?” he thought. “Did I die? Am I at a place where life and death meet?”

Nothing and everything seemed familiar. There was no solidity to anything anymore. The sky is down and the earth is up.

“What do I do?” The image of his son was forgotten. It was just a boy when replayed in his mind. The boy was his son but he wasn’t familiar anymore. Was there even a boy? The voice came back and with it that connection to something real.

“You have purpose. You have worth. You have destiny. You must go to Coronago. You are no more. You are born anew on this day. You must go to Coronago. Save them all.”

The voice and presence both faded as feeling seemed to return to his body.

“I should feel wasted and worn but I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. No, no. Reborn.”

He gave up his past and his name for they were no longer rightfully his. He belonged to this entity. His savior and whom he thought to be his only anchor here. He readied himself as best he could in this new reality he inhabited and set off to begin his new life.

Matt's Character

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