Ludovico De' Dondi



Curious Clockmaker
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Driven to Understand
Maintainer of the Astronomical Clock
Knows when to get help


Great (+4) – Crafts(Clock Making)
Good (+3) – Notice, Shooting(Ranged)
Fair (+2) – Physique, Will, Contacts
Average (+1) – Resources, Investigation, Rapport, Empathy


Enjoys archery


Insert Stunts here


Physical OOO
Mental OOO


None Currently


High Concept – Curious Clockmaker
Trouble – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Aspect – Driven to Understand
Ludovico De’ Dondi is the third great grandson of notable clock maker and doctor Giovanni De’ Dondi. Giovanni was credited with creating and documenting the first true astronomical clock/planetarium called an Astrarium which was donated to the university in Coronago upon his death, where he is also buried. He has also produced many medical pieces on the treatment of the plague which are also kept at the university. The De’ Dondi family has lived in Coronago ever since running a family owned shop dedicated to clock making. Ludovico has inherited Giovanni’s gift of clock making and currently runs the shop overlooking the town square. He is in charge of maintaining his grandfather’s Astrarium of which he has the blueprints and the know-how to keep it running. While working on the Astrarium one night Ludovico found and old journal hidden in a secret compartment in the base of the clock, this journal told of an other-worldly being helping the old man to create the clock. Now Ludovico wants to find out what/who this being is and why it helped his grandfather if he finds it can it help him?

Ludovico is also a fairly competent archer and enjoys entering local contests and tournaments.

He is very excessive compulsive, all of the clocks in his shop are displaying the exact same time and also in sync with the Astrarium at the university. His shop is immaculately clean and dust free, also unlike most tinkerers and craftsmen everything right down to rivet, fastener, and cog is labeled and neatly filed and inventoried. His manner of dress is very low key, no puffy sleeves and colors tasteful nor bright and vulgar. Ludovico wears glasses with a complex system of binocular loupes to increase magnification.

Aspect – Maintainer of the Astronomical Clock
To gain to the university, dealt with Read’s character and offered plans for the clock, etc. He found the journal.

Connection 2
Aspect – Knows when to get help
The journal was in Arabic, so connected with Allen’s character to translate parts of it.

Ludovico De' Dondi

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