The year is 1506. The place is Coronago, Milan. This is the northern most city state of what is now called Italy. French and Austrian mercenaries and traders mingle with Italian merchants, farmers and tradesmen in a large walled city in an Alpine valley. A river that combines many snowmelt streams runs through the city, making it a great trade route to get to the Mediterranean from Austria.

Something is not right though. Plague has stricken much of Europe, but Coronago seems to be immune to it. Rather than being overjoyed at their fortune, this has only made the people of Coronago paranoid. Many are xenophobic, while others reach out to the quarantine camps that are set up outside the city walls. The local University has established a hospital in old mountain ruins where doctors work to cure the plague victims that come from out of town.

People have started disappearing. Not in droves, but enough that some have taken notice. Whispers in the back rooms and bedrooms talk of something sinister underlying the tranquility and prosperity of Coronago.

Into this come the players, all driven by their own pasts and trying to find out what is at the heart of the Corruption of Coronago.

This campaign is using the Fate RPG, specifically the new Core Rules (PDF can be acquired by pledging to the already successful Kickstarter). Rules for supernatural abilities and magic are taken mostly from the Dresden Files RPG.

The Corruption of Coronago

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