San Raphael University

Establish in 1278, the San Raphael University is the preeminent institute of higher learning for much of the Province of Milan. Focused mainly now on medical learning and research, the Galenic traditions of bloodletting, and humors are common classes, as are many other physiology, psychology, biology, and the like. Classes on the classics and other more studies to well round a student are also common.

The university itself is made up of several square blocks of the city in the oldest parts of Coronago. It sits in the shadow of the castle. All of the buildings are multiple stories and of stone construction.

Many claim that the University is haunted, while others claim that is the farthest from the truth. They say that the scientific nature of the learned halls and their students is an anathema to things such as spirits.

The Universirt is currently led by Headmaster Giovani Finacci, a professor for many years.

Aspect – Steeped in Knowledge

San Raphael University

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