Coronago is a large walled town on the verge of being a city. It is currently led by Marquis Giuseppe Brignole appointed to the position by the Prince of Milan. He lives in Castle Coronago in the center of the city.

A river runs through town, made up of combining run off streams from the Alps. Farm fields, orchards, and then mountain forests dominate the nearby countryside. The city itself is almost entirely of stone construction with narrow streets and three or more story buildings.

Something is not quite right in Coronago. While the local economy is absolutely booming, a sense of paranoia has fallen over the city. While the plague has not been able to take hold within the city, everyone feels it is just a matter of time. In addition, besides the grisly murders of the last four bishops, other people have started disappearing.

People are bringing their families to Coronago, since it seems safe. Anyone that has a family member with the plague that comes to town is not admitted though. Instead they are sent to the Quarantine Camps outside the city

Aspects: Bastion Against the Plague, Something Rotten is Growing in Coronago

Power Groups:
Merchant’s Guild is the most powerful guild. Basically organized crime. (Unfinished)
City Watch – Currently on the rise, possibly funded by the Court (Unfinished)
The Swords – A mercenary company based out of the old barracks that they bought from the city. Their last contract was for the Marquis. (Unfinished)

Quarantine Camps is where newcomers to town are held until officials are sure they are free of the plague.
The San Raphael University is led by Headmaster Giovani Finacci, a professor for many years. It has a focus on Medicine, currently treating plague victims in an old set of ruins outside of town. (Read)
Cathedral of Coronago is run by Friar Monsanto after the last four Bishops died with a year, all died in horrific ways.
Plague Ruins – Unfinished (Read)
Guild Hall – Unfinished
Sewers – Unfinished (Read)
Theater – Unfinished
City Watch Barracks – Unfinished
The Chopping Block Tavern – Unfinished


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