Aldo Cascarino

Pattern seeking vagabond



Pattern Seeking
Impulsive Vagabond
Plague Survivor
Financially Irresponsible
“Expanded” Mind


Great (+4) – Notice
Good (+3) – Investigation, Lore/Academics
Fair (+2) – Will, Burglary, Deceit
Average (+1) – Crafts, Riding, Fighting, Stealth




Quick Thinking (Notice) – At the start of combat, you can use Notice to Create an Advantage without taking a turn.


Physical OO
Mental OOO


None Currently


High Concept

Aspect – Pattern Seeker

Aldo’s scholarly pursuits were originally dedicated to the study of archaeology and history. Though not born in the area, he was able to secure the sponsorship of a prominent professor at the University in Coronago in exchange for research assistance (read “grunt work”) at the nearby ruins. Through his academic work and correspondence with other scholars, Aldo began to notice events, themes and occurrences trended across cultures and civilizations.

Before he could explore these connections more thoroughly, Aldo received bad news. His father had contracted the plague, and he cut short his academic pursuits to make the journey home. Ultimately the sickness claimed both parents and took its toll on Aldo himself. Through some miracle he survived the episode, but he was changed. His obsessiveness with patterns and ability to recognize them were enhanced, but so was his social awkwardness. Whether this was the result of the plague, his isolation, or some external factor has not been determined, and Aldo’s memories of that period are hazy at best.


Aspect – Impulsive Vagabond

Aldo’s social trouble did not manifest instantly. After a sufficient quarantine period, he was allowed back into the city of Coronago to continue his work at the University. It quickly became apparent, though, that he couldn’t keep his focus on the tasks at hand. His mind constantly wandered, and he jumped topics so quickly that he never achieved meaningful work (at least, not to his peers).

Eventually the University lost interest in Aldo, and he was left to wander the streets begging for food. Unfortunately, even this dose of reality couldn’t ground him – Aldo still continues his “research” into patterns rather than finding meaningful work, and somehow manages to survive though he is virtually penniless.


Aspect – Plague Survivor
While Aldo survived the plague, it took its toll. In addition to the scars left on his body and the ravages to his mind, it also left him atrophied. While not crippled, Aldo has since been increasingly susceptible to disease, and only life on the street has maintained his physique at modest levels. Prolonged activity tires him quickly (though that rarely stops him from trying), and he frequently contracts inconvenient sicknesses.


Aspect – Financially Irresponsible

“They’re all off by precisely the same amount! Don’t you understand? I need this. Bill it to my department.”

Presumably, Ludovico De’ Dondi did eventually get paid for the clock Aldo spontaneously (and not very subtly) lifted from his shop. It may be that their prior history together that prevented this particular incident from becoming a point of contention between the two, but it illustrates Aldo’s current state of mind. He cares little for how society works (though its patterns excite him), and this means that he’s constantly in someone’s debt, or overspending his means.

While his current appearance would mark him as a beggar, and it’s unlikely that anyone would extend him a line of credit, this doesn’t stop Aldo from assuming that he still holds some sway. In fact, he often seems surprised when a vendor doesn’t take his word that the University will cover his expenses (which it stopped doing long ago), or that he’s good for it (which he isn’t, though more due to absent-mindedness than maliciousness).


Aspect – “Expanded” Mind

Like all others trying to enter Coronago with some connection to the plague, Aldo was sequestered in the Quarantine Camp for some time before being allowed back into the city. While unpleasant, the situation didn’t upset him too terribly, since the camp’s inhabitants exhibited many traits that he could study as he waited for admittance. One of these people was Matt’s Character.

It was at this time that he discovered that he could change his perceptions by introducing various substances into his body. These sometimes let him perceive things that even his unusually perceptive brain would have missed, though these discoveries were often of questionable value.

In addition, many of these substances were addictive. Given Aldo’s current financial status, he’s had to turn to a bit of petty criminal mischief in order to get his hands on the test materials that he needs, and sooner or later this is likely to land him in prison or worse.

As he is aware of the dependent effects they have on his body, Aldo has managed to keep himself from becoming completely disfunctional. His work is much more important, and he does recognize (at some level) that if he destroys himself, he will be unable to complete his research. It is an ongoing battle, however.

Aldo Cascarino

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